Help Make Women of Illustration Even Better

Be a bigger part of Women of Illustration with just 5 hours of production a month. Email me at with a link to your social media and/or relevant portfolio for a test run. A minimum 3 month commitment is required to insure quality control for our platform. 

Social Media

On our community Instagram we feature up to three new female artists a day to help give women more exposure in the illustration industry. Help us curate and find these women while also growing awareness for our bi-weekly web series. 

All you have to do is DM me posts where creatives are including the hashtag #womenofillustration in their post, along with a 5 line description, and up to 5 non-competitive hashtags. 


We release new content every Wednesday whether it's blog-like show notes for episodes like this sample, or an original article. 

For guest blogs, I'm most interested in topics that help our audience build a life from their art. So feel free to write a 500-1200 word article on things like creativity, feminism, tools, marketing, female lead events, and artist spotlights. 

Video Editing

Currently we release 2 episodes a month on this platform and would love to up production to every week so we can feature double the amount of women. I'm looking for a few video editors that would create 1 video a month to help mix together provided interviews, B-roll, inserts, and my talking head footage in their program of choice.