New women of illustration
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Grab this 3-pack of 1.5 inch metal buttons to show your support for Women of Illustration.

Your money will allow me to grow this web series with more amazing female talent, quality content, and higher production quality so I can make a more meaningful impact for artists everywhere. 

Packaged in a 7x6 inch padded gold mailer to keep your buttons pristine. 

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Be heard, make art,
and get paid ladies

Our tagline gives you a quick insight into what Women of Illustration is all about. This new online community is here to give both new and season female artists a voice in the art industry.

We created this platform to give tangible advice on how to be a more independent woman, make beautiful illustration work, and get paid top dollar for it.   


We are the Women
of Illustration

Only 10% of women are getting exposure out of the millions alive today. Our logo represents the many eyes that want to see your art, but don't always have the opportunity to find you. 

This is why it's our mission to give female artists a much needed platform to promote the women of illustration that may have otherwise been ignored. 


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For the Nasty Artist
in all of us

"Such a nasty woman" became a viral call to arms for female voters when it was used in the 2016 American presidential debate. This phrase launched a feminist movement where women everywhere came together to battle inequality.

As a nasty artist, we hold the power of the pencil to help bring awareness to the injustice of the world and fight for the next generation of women.