women of illustration book one

A book to inspire more female artists and the businesses that want to hire them.

Art by⁣  @nataliebyrne ⠀

Art by⁣ @nataliebyrne

Although women make up 60% of the art industry, less than 10% are featured in publications and online media. Women of Illustration plans to change that by showcasing the best 100 female artists and the stories behind their success in a 450+ page hardcover book in 2020.

What started as a community on Instagram and interview podcast is quickly turning into a female lead movement helping more women to make a profit from their passion. We want to take things to the next level with a book that will bridge the gap between freelance artists and clients by showing the behind the scenes of what it’s like to be an illustrator while also being a directory of curated talent to hire.


This Illustration book will inspire people to:

  1. Believe that they can make a living from their art as a full time Illustrator.

  2. Charge what they’re worth with rates from over 100 working female artists.

  3. Stay productive with thoughtful advice from creatives all over the world.

  4. Hire thoroughly vetted female talent that would increase sales and inspire brand loyalty.

  5. Learn from other artist’s process to create the projects they always wanted to start.

Art by  @everyday.hooray ⁣ featured by  @typingfeminism ⁣

Art by @everyday.hooray⁣ featured by @typingfeminism


Inside the book that will help pay more women

This book will feature the top 100 female artists that apply to featured where each selected creative gets their own 4-page spread. Yeah we know, that's over 400 pages of inspirational gold so it will be well worth the high page count.

The first left page will include a grid of selected images from each artist’s portfolio with a photo of the artist in the center. The second page will be all content featuring a short bio and editorial that talks about how that artists overcame their biggest struggle as a working professional. There will also be a list of each artist’s experience, pricing, specialties, and contact information to help those women land more opportunities to be hired for their art.

The last 2-page spread will be all about one piece of art, with the finished design on the right page and the process behind it on the left. Creatives will be emerged in the process with hand-illustrated work for murals, advertising, paintings, apparel and more. Pretty much all the projects you wished you could make but didn’t know how until now.


This book will be written by women for women, all curated by Dina Rodriguez.

This book will be written by 100 different women from around the globe all with unique experiences, skillsets, and success stories to share.

Dina Rodriguez, the face behind Women of Illustration will curate the artwork, edit the copy, and design the layout of this book to make it a reality. Dina is a full-time artist that runs an apparel and lifestyle brand called Letter Shoppe that promotes cannabis, mental health, and body positivity all while creating resources to help creatives thrive. She launched Women of Illustration in January of 2018 and helped this community grow to over 100k followers in just 2 years.


What 100 artists will get from this book

To apply to be featured requires a $75 application fee where that money will go directly into a fund for printing the first batch of 2,000 copies and cover the marketing budget for this self-published book. Everyone that enters gets a copy of the book for their support and will also serve as the pre-order we need to make this book a success.

A maximum of 1,000 applicants will be accepted before submissions are closed where Dina and her team will carefully review and select the top 10% that apply. The deadline for submissions is 01/01/2020 or till we reach 1,000 applicants, whichever comes first. So be sure to get your entries in early, because you don't want to put off this opportunity till the last minute.


First dibs on this $75 hardcover book with 420+ pages.

Featured online in our directory of illustrators.

shoutout on instagram every month for the next year.

your work featured in 2,000+ books to help you get hired.

Special wholesale prices to sell books on your own platform.

bragging rights that your work is in a sweet fucking book.


Apply to be featured

Every single artist that applies get a copy of this epic book!