Turning Your Art Into Products With Printful Course

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Turning Your Art Into products web.png

Turning Your Art Into Products With Printful Course


In this course, I'll go over all my making and marketing strategies for how I made over $40,000 in sales from print on demand products in just the last 6 months.

By the end of this 2-hour video course, you'll learn how to build an audience, choose the right products to add to your shop and trigger an impulse buy helping you make money from your art.

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Why you should sell products with Printful

If you are the kind of artist that feels stuck when it comes to making a profit from your passion, making products is the answer. You have no boss telling you what to do, no clients you need to worry about impressing, and can make your art on your terms. It’s been my dream to have my own apparel line for my personal brand Letter Shoppe, and Printful helped me make this possible earning me over $5k to $8k a month in sales.

Using Printful is what I call the BEST GAMBLING EVER where you are guaranteed to make more money than you spend. You don’t need lots of upfront capital to get started since everything is print on demand and the best part is that you only spend money after you have made a sale. You set your own pricing, create a storefront you can control on your own website and can start making money while you sleep. You get to focus on the fun part of making art and let Printful handle the fulfillment and shipping. It’s amazing and I wish I would have done this years ago.

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What you will learn in this 2-hour video course

This course has three distinct sections that walk you through each phase of selling products with your art. It’s important that you spend a good chunk of time on each one and do them in order so that way by the time you launch you will have an engaged audience.

Phase 1: Building an audience

Only about 3% of your followers on social media are likely to buy something from you, so it’s important that you build up your fan base first before you try to sell anything. The most amount of money you’ll ever make is when you launch your store for the first time, so I want to make sure you can make a big splash in sales when you make your announcement.

In this section, I’ll help you find your niche so you can have an easier time attracting the exact kind of audience that will be over the moon to add your items to cart. I go over content marketing and exactly what kind of art you need to make, how often you should post it, along with some tips on how to make your posts get seen by more people on platforms like Instagram.

Phase 2: Make your products real

It’s not enough just to get followers and put your product up on your website to get people to buy things from you. You need to be able to choose just the right art pieces to turn into products in the first place. I’ll be going over analytics and what key metrics you need to be looking at in order to gauge what your followers want to actually spend their hard-earned cash on.

This section is all about pricing, getting samples and taking just the right photos that will not only perform well on social media but also increase your click-through rate on your shop. Aside from the artwork itself, how you present the products in your shop gallery are key in gaining your customer’s trust and purchase. Lastly, I’ll introduce you to some of my favorite products on Printful that have my Dina stamp of approval so you can launch your shop with only the best quality materials.

Phase 3: Launch Your Shop

Let’s build up some hype and put that customer cash in the bank with some marketing tools to help you have a successful launch with every new product. I’ll be showing you all my best marketing tactics to trigger people’s FOMO (fear of missing out) so you can score more sales the day you announce your next big thing.

This final section all about that triggering that coveted impulse buy from your customer that can make or break an online business. This includes how to make your products more exclusive in a print on demand world as well as incentivizing people to talk you up once they have bought something. We’ll also get into influencer marketing and how you can get others to help you get photography and sales without having to spend a ton on advertising.


Raving reviews from real artists


Great step-by-step instructions to make your dream products a reality

This course doesn't just cover the nuts and bolts of merchandising but takes a holistic approach to create designs that people will be excited to buy. She has great insight into how to grow your social media presence and create a niche that you can translate into an audience for your products. 

Dina's explanations are super clear and cover all the bases from deciding which designs to turn into products, how best to photograph them, and pricing guidelines. This is a great course for anyone that has wanted to make their own products but has been slightly intimidated by the process. Dina's enthusiasm for helping creatives create their own products is infectious and has me stoked to create some rad t-shirts!

Lucy Giller - Hand Lettering Artist


This course was exactly what I needed!

I now have a set game plan on how to get to the point of launching my own shop. I never realized how important it was to have a much clearer focus on what my art was all about, but now I can see how much of an impact this can make. I feel so inspired after watching this course and already have some ideas about what I want my niche to be.

I got the most out of this course because there was strategy involved, there were clear-cut, precise instructions, and Dina spoke all from her own experience. Having a specific game plan and set goals to refer back to is so important to keep me on track.

Taylor J. Seefeldt - Artist


This is one of the most concise courses I’ve seen when it comes to using Printful to sell your art!

A lot of online tutorials and courses about print-on-demand sites focus on trends rather than meaningful products. They even suggest using sites like Fiverr to create merchandise to sell on various e-commerce platforms.

In this course though, Dina actually focuses on creating artwork that is purposeful and relevant to your audience. As someone who has been using Printful for a few months now, this course has already proven to be more beneficial than anything I have done on my own.

I can now re-examine what I have in common with my audience and deliver products they will love. The additional social media growth strategies are icing on the cake! This course is worth every penny.

Hayley Gilmore - Illustrator


I feel a lot more confident about selling products now!

Dina gave so much helpful information that I actually had to pause, go away digest and come back, and I’m definitely going to have to rewatch this again.

I’ve heard advice on niches before, but not in the way she explained the importance of it. What drove the point home for me was how important it is to get your work shared, and how that leads to social media growth and product marketing.

Thank you for giving up to date advice on social media. I would definitely take one of Dina’s courses again in the future because I find her advice very realistic, practical and tried and tested based on the experience she has had.

Katie Thomas - Watercolor Illustrator


This course is such a good intro to selling products!

I love that Dina not only went over best practices on selling products but also dived into social media growth strategies and how to effectively choose which pieces to turn into products. She gave me the tools to grow both my online presence and online shops (which is freaking amazing!).

The biggest takeaway for me was how to leverage your existing followers to do market research. I have tried to create products in the past without ever really gauging interest on whether or not my audience would want to buy it (guess who's had some failed products that are now sitting around collecting dust in my office?).

Erika Dillion - Hand Lettering Artist


If you have any questions feel free to DM @womenofillustration on Instagram or email me directly at dina@womenofillustration.com